About Us

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Hi! We`re Elizabeth and Dale, an American couple living and working in Brazil while sharing our adventures around the world. We both have spent our lives travelling the globe.

Apart, we traversed the globe until one day our paths crossed in exotic Tulsa, Oklahoma! One of the things that brought us together was our traveling background and a shared sense of adventure. We’ve never taken ourselves too seriously and have always had an awesome time together.

IMG_3533.2015-02-16_225115Dale has an MBA and works as the Director of a manufacturing facility here in Brazil. Before that, he was an outside salesman covering two states – while flying around the US for trainings and meetings. This helped him gain an appreciation for carry-on only travel. Dale has a touch (or more) of adult ADHD, so his hobbies are a little too vast to list! Just know that between the photography, surfing, hiking, soccer, etc. you’ll probably be pretty entertained as we continue our adventures around the world.

Born in Libya as the son of an expat, Dale has always seen the world as a place to be explored. His family lived and worked in Australia and Egypt before he was born, then Libya and Singapore. Growing up overseas and, when back in the States, surrounded by photos, stories, and souvenirs from around the world instilled in him a true sense of globalism, way before that word was even invented.

Elizabeth is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with a Masters in Social Work. Before moving to Brazil she was the Director of a new grant-funded project and developed a home-based therapy model in Tulsa. She loves good wine, coffee, caipirinhas, and all things kitschy and cheesy. If you see us posing in costumes or being dorky “tourists” you can bet it was her doing!

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She got her first taste of international travel – and living abroad – doing a study abroad program in Bogota, Colombia in 1997 where she gained her fluency in Spanish. From that point on she has never looked back, always seeking out a new traveling adventure.

Our aim is to truly immerse ourselves in the culture and landscape of the places we visit, combining an appreciation for both the popular and the unknown. When we travel we like to learn as much about our destination before we go; along with the best gear to take, and the sights that shouldn’t be missed. We’ve always enjoyed reading the firsthand accounts from other travel blogs – and have always gotten great value and inspiration from them. We would like to add our own voice to the lexicon which stretches back before the advent of the Web, from Kerouac to Twain, to Herodotus himself.  Reading others travel writing has always been a way to expand your own horizons and gain inspiration. So join us as we, “light out for the Territory” as Twain would say!