Visiting Brasilia


Brasilia is not only the capital city of Brazil (and some say the workplace of some of the most blatantly crooked politicians in the world!), but it is also home to amazing architecture and great art museums. When we planned this trip we told our Brazilian friends about it. Almost all asked us why we would visit Brasilia with great disdain.  For some reason, most likely due to the politics of this country, your average Brazilian has no desire to visit their capital city. Being fans of Oscar Niemeyer architecture and all things modern, we had to check it out!


View from the TV Tower

It also helped that airfare from our home of Joinville to Brasilia as well as lodging was inexpensive.  If you stay in Brasilia over the weekend, when the politicians head out of town, you can stay at a nice resort hotel for around $60 USD a night. You can barely stay at a Super 8 in the United States for $60 a night anymore!


In front of the National Museum

Since the cost was so reasonable we figured why not check out this interesting city, and wow was it interesting! Brasilia was built in the middle of the country, basically the middle of nowhere, in a short 41 months. The Capital of Brazil was moved here from Rio de Janeiro in 1960 because the president wanted the capital in the dead center of the country. This city is the most well laid out city in all of Brazil. Lucio Costa was the city planner and his good friend Oscar Niemeyer, one of the great architects of the 20th century, designed most of the public buildings.


National Congress


Catedral Metropolitana de Brasilia


We visited Brasilia on the weekend. This is the weirdest city we have ever been to. I mean twilight zone weird. Have you ever seen that 80’s movie “Night of the Comet”? A comet hits the earth and almost all living people are turned to ashes and only a few survive. That is what it feels like walking the streets of Brasilia on the weekend. Okay, maybe I over exaggerate, but it is strange that such a large city has hardly any traffic or people out and about on the weekend. The concierge at our hotel informed us that there is no nightlife in Brasilia on the weekends. We were thankful we had booked resort hotel with lots of amenities.


View from our balcony

You see, you can tour all the major sites in Brasilia in about 3 hours. So having a place you can relax and unwind is nice. However, it took us a little longer than average to tour Brasilia. We were stubborn and decided we could tour the city on foot without a guide. Wow was that a mistake. Dale is still recovering from his skate boarding accident and I had foot surgery from a Jiu Jitsu injury several years ago so we were both limping and hurting by the end of the day. If you visit Brasilia, take our advice and shell out $40 a person and take the tour! Or, if you are feeling more adventurous, rent a car. The roads in Brasilia are amazing. Wide lanes, painted well, and not a single pothole! If you have been to other parts of Brazil you will know this is unheard of!


Brazil’s Supreme Court

Brasilia is the most modern, well-constructed, well-kempt city we have been to in all Brazil. There is a lot of infrastructure here, and apparently a lot of money. This is where 30% of my husband’s income goes every year! With that said, we hope you enjoy the photos of Brazil’s capital city Brasilia.


Os Candangos