We Won a Liebster!


(What the heck is a Liebster anyway?)​

The Liebster Award is an awesome opportunity for the blogging community to recognize up and coming bloggers and give some exposure to who they are and what their blog is about. They are then able to pay it forward giving further exposure to others within the community. 

The rules are: (1) someone nominates you for the award and asks you to answer 11 questions, (2) you answer the questions, and (3) create 11 new questions and nominate five or more other blogs to answer them. 

Column 1

We would like to thank

Camera and Carry On

for giving us this nomination!

Our Answers

​If you could buy a house anywhere in the world, and call that home, where would it be?


​I’m assuming money is not a barrier here. I would love to buy a house in northern California. You see, I grew up in NorCal and love the natural beauty of the parks, redwoods, and coastline. Also, people who live by the sea are typically happier


I think about where we might like to buy a house to settle down in quite a bit - and the answer is always changing. Today, I'm going to go with Malibu!

If your plane crashed in the middle of nowhere and your only way to survive is to (A) have a pack of apes accept you as their own, (B) live high up in the trees completely alone forever, or (C) get rescued but only after succumbing to cannibalism…What would you do and why?


​C for Cannibalism! Dale gave me permission several years ago to eat him if he dies first. We have an agreement. A little creole seasoning and deep fry and you can make anything taste good


I would choose the apes. I love apes and I think I'm part gorilla anyway. (Seriously, you should see my 'monkey' arms!)​

What is your absolute favorite place to go for a short visit, say 4 days?


​Since we live in Brazil, I selected a Brazilian locale. I would say the wonderful capital Island city of Florianopolis. Florianopolis has over 44 beaches to explore, some are touristy but many are almost empty. For me, Florianopolis is the Hawaii of Brazil and only a 2 hour long drive from our home.


I loved our quick visit to Montreal. It is a foodie paradise and they have tons of awesome festivals during the summer. We went over a 4th of July weekend and between the smoked meat sandwiches, the poutine, and the Jazz Festival it was awesome. Although, after visiting the waterfalls at Foz do Iguaçu​ I might have to go with Foz!

Describe the worst thing you’ve ever eaten in a foreign country?


​I’ve eaten some weird things over the years while traveling. Iguana, ants on rice, squid tentacles with the suction cups still on, possibly dog but I’m not certain-to name a few. The worst, that makes me sick to even smell it—is squid jerky from South Korea! They eat this stuff in movie theaters and it stinks!


It wasn’t eating for me, it was drinking a Malzbier in Brazil!

You’re going on a one month long trip, but you can only bring a laptop, camera, iPod or cellphone (but an old one that can only do talk and text, “cuz no cheating), what would you bring?


I would bring a laptop so I could skype with my family and write blog articles. It would kill me not to have a camera to take some amazing photos, however I have two family members recovering from cancer and I need to stay in touch. I would miss my family too much if I went a month without talking to them.


​I would have to go with a camera so I could have great memories of the trip. Thankfully, we don't have to make that choice anymore since all of those are covered by a device that fits in a pocket. Gotta love the smartphone!

Where are you most afraid to travel to?


​Walmart. Several countries in the Middle East and North Dakota. Seriously, have you ever driven through North Dakota?!


Not sure I would be afraid to travel anywhere. More cautious? Certainly. Although I do like Elizabeth's answer about Walmart!​

What’s your favorite mode of transportation?


​By car. I prefer driving whenever possible and if it’s safe. I have an irrational fear of flying, but it doesn’t stop me, I work through it.


I have a love/hate relationship with flying. People take for granted how amazing it is to be able to step into a plane and be on the other side of the world in less than a day. Even though the experience can often times be miserable I still have to choose flying because it opens up the entire world. I am anxiously waiting for the development of teleportation though!

Describe your travel philosophy; jet setter, backpacker, city buzz, the middle of nowhere, etc.


​I love all types of travel but I prefer getting back to nature. People are happier when they have frequent contact with nature. Nothing relaxes and energizes me more than being outside, disconnected from phones, laptops, etc. It is invigorating! And better yet, a lovely balcony with a great view for my morning coffee drinking ritual to start the day right!


I prefer a hybrid of jet setter and middle of nowhere. I love the idea of a laid back destination, but I want to travel comfortably to get there. Unless I'm feeling a little adventurous!​

You blog. You travel. What else might we find you doing?


Prior to moving to Brazil I worked for 13 years as a therapist and then a Project Director in the mental health field. I specialized in treating children whom experienced trauma. Currently in Brazil I teach English, take Portuguese lessons, blog, and take care of everything related to our household so my husband and I can spend our free time traveling. I am also working on writing an eBook in my field. I’ll let you know when it’s finished!


What don’t I do? I have hobby ADHD. I can’t even list all the hobbies and activities I’ve done over the years. Fortunately those hobbies do help with travel blogging between traveling, photography, writing, and adventure sports.

What makes you YOU? We’re all unique. Share!


Physically-I have red hair and green eyes. I stand out in a crown. In regard to my personality-I’m adorkable-or so my husband says. I gave up many years ago trying to be cool. I was never any good at it! I love to laugh too much. I’m far too clumsy. I’m not afraid to laugh at myself. To my poor husband’s detriment, I love all things touristy and kitschy. The higher the cheese factor-- the better. I am the first person to pull over on the side of the road to take pictures of the World’s largest ball of yarn! And that awful henna tattoo of the tiger on my back that took weeks to get rid of, yes, that was me! I wanted the Mike Tyson tattoo but luckily I was talked out of that one. I do some cheesy and silly things all because it gives me great joy, like I’m 5 years old again.


Back to my ADHD-I love my numerous hobbies and jump around a lot from hobby to hobby. For example right now I am recovering from a skateboarding injury. Did I mention I’ll be 43 years old this month?

If no one ever reads your blog, would you still do it?


Are you saying someone reads my blog now? Ha ha! Of course I would. It’s a great way to document our memories and photography. It’s so much fun. I hope someday I can do this for a living, because then I would never have to work another day in my life!


I would. I have never been that great at keeping a journal, but our blog allows us to keep so many great memories. Between pictures, videos, and our stories we will have so much to look back on (and share) in the future.

Our Nominees

1. Sachi and Gurpreet from 2TravelEngineers

2. Jessica from Jessica Lipowski

3. Frank and Lisette from The Travels of BBQboy and Spanky

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Your Questions

What is the most embarrassing or funniest thing that happened to you while traveling?

Money aside and time constraints aside, what travel locale is at the very top of your list?

When you are not traveling, what do you enjoy doing?

Out of all of the places you’ve visited, which one did you experience in a negative light and why?

When traveling, what type of activities do you enjoy doing the most, i.e. adventure, shopping, spa day, beach, etc.?

If you could take anyone with you on your next great adventure, who would you take? If you are already traveling with someone, who else would you take?

What is the one item you have to take with you on a trip that others might find strange of irrational?

What is your favorite meal you’ve eaten on a trip?

Which place have you visited that you would go back to again and again and why?

What is your favorite non travel blog to read?

What would you prefer to do for the rest of your life: the dream job you had growing up or travel blogging?

Once again we'd like to thank Shannon and Michael from Camera and Carry On for the nomination. Nominees, let us know when you post your answers - either at Twitter or in the comments below. Can't wait to read them and see who you nominate!