Giant Chocolate Easter Eggs in Brazil

Easter is one of the most – if not the most – important holidays on the Christian calendar. And nobody celebrates it like Brazil.

Brazil has the largest Catholic population in the world with approximately 130 million Catholics, and like many predominantly Catholic countries, the holiday kicks off with Semana Santa or holy week, the week before Easter Sunday. Many go on holiday this week and the beaches once again become crowded. It’s also a time of Catholic passion plays, processions, and mass. We are heading to Nova Trento this weekend to experience it for ourselves.

In Brazil, preparations for Easter begin immediately after Carnaval when all the stores begin to decorate and put up their displays. My favorite decoration is edible – giant chocolate Easter eggs! Currently all the supermarkets have them out on display.  Sort of like giant chocolate piñata. They come in white chocolate, milk chocolate, and dark chocolate. They range in size and price. All of the major chocolate brands in Brazil have their version on the edible easter egg. My favorite brand of chocolate is Lacta, and I am very fond of the Ouro Branco (white gold) and the diamante negro (black diamond).

egg 5

Some of these eggs are ginormous and filled with all kinds of delicious chocolate candies or toys, others are hollow. I even saw a commercial in which one giant chocolate Easter egg was filled with cheesecake!

Egg 1

Dale and I managed to get our hands on one of these Easter Eggs-purely as research for our blog. I’m ashamed to say we gobbled the entire thing up in about 3 days but it was delightful.  We also recently renewed our gym memberships. With all of this chocolate surrounding us everywhere we go, we need to work out every day just to break even, but it is so worth it!

eggs 4

Easter in Brazil is turning out to be one of my favorite holidays. No boring painted hard boiled eggs here, just delicious chocolate! This is an Easter tradition I can get behind. The entire county of Brazil gets swept by a massive chocolate craving this time of year, us included!