Rota das Cachoeiras

About 50 miles west of Joinville, tucked into the Itapocu Valley, is a remarkable trail passing by 14 separate waterfalls as it traces the path of the Rio Novo. Over the course of the 2900 meters the trail continues up (and up, and up!) until it culminates at the base of the Salto Grande waterfall – which drops almost 125 meters. The waterfalls are impressive and the area is beautiful. We had an awesome time as you can see in the video below!


Named the Rota das Cachoeiras, basically the route of the waterfalls, the trail is found within the Reserva Battistela park (Reserva Particular do Patrimônio Natural – Emílio Fiorentino Battistella if you want the full name!) just outside the city of Corupá. The easiest way to find the park is to navigate to Corupá then follow the clearly marked road signs to the park. Corupá is known as the banana capital of Santa Catarina – and it’s not hard to see why as you drive through several kilometers of banana plantations to reach the park.

Entrance to the park costs R$15.00 and tickets must be bought before you get to the entrance of the park. Most of the markets and campgrounds along the road to the park sell the tickets – and have signs outside saying so. Also, because the trail takes around 4 hours to complete the park will not allow entrance after a certain time. From April to October the park halts entry at 2pm and at 3pm from November to March so you’ll want to make sure you get to the entrance before then.



The trail is well-maintained but does not have any water available (unless you filter out of the river) so you’ll need to carry your own. It’s very humid so I suggest carrying as much as you can. Check out the video below notice my shirt as it gets wetter and wetter – I’m not swimming or standing under the falls at that point!

The Rota das Cachoeiras is just another example of the remarkable natural beauty found in Santa Catarina and we can’t wait to explore even more!